June 10, 2015

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Our team is consisted of serial entrepreneurs, corporate veterans, seasoned investment bankers and capital markets experts. All of us have started and ran multiple businesses. Some of these have became billion-dollar enterprises.

The summary below is but a glimpse of the businesses the team have ran in their lifetimes. This combined experience is why we’re confident of our collective ability to achieve the returns we are aiming for.

Robert Blair (Silicon Valley):

Robert Blair_portrait_square

Former founding CMO of LSI Group, Robert helped the company become the largest tech IPO in US history (until Microsoft). He then became CEO of LSI Europe and grew that business from $0 to over $billion in revenue in 6 years. He has been an tech angel investor in SV ever since.

Mike Loftus (Silicon Valley):

Mike Loftus

Venture Partner of the F50 Fund – a startup tech fund that grew from $10m in committed capital to now surpassing $100m in just over 18 months. It is one of the fastest-growing companies/funds in Silicon Valley – an incredible feat in a place littered with extraordinary growth success stories.

Prior to F50 Mike was a serial entrepreneur, having helped 7 tech startups achieve combined exit values of over $1.1 billion over the last 15 years.

Bernard Slede (Silicon Valley):

Bernard Slede

Former corporate VC and founding MD of HP’s venture capital arm. Earlier in his career Bernard was at Intel and also part of the corporate VC division of ELF Aquitane in France. Bernard is currently the founding MD of Breakthrough Venture Partners – a venture advisory firm for startups and large enterprises.

Bernard has advised a number of tech companies to raise tens of millions of dollars across US and Europe and has played an integral role in their successful market launches. His firm also advises large enterprise clients on how to tap disruptive innovation to become more agile and responsive for their respective markets.

Steve Austin (Silicon Valley):

Steve Austin

Head coach at FoundersSpace – a prominent early-stage tech incubator in San Francisco. Steve is known as a growth strategist (“growth hacker”) and international investment-pitching coach, and frequently consults to foreign government bodies (Korea / Austria / Turkey) as well as entrepreneurial communities on the topics of innovation and growth.

Steve has helped countless startup companies to refine their pitch and win investment competitions. Previously Steve has had over 25 years in corporate VP Sales / CMO roles, across a wide range of international companies (from German chip manufacturers to power companies in West Africa).

Michael Go (Sydney):

Michael Go_portrait

Current Head of Markets at AFMA (Australian Financial Markets Association), Michael has been an international banker across London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney. He was formerly the Global COO of NAB Capital, and prior to that Global COO of ABN Amro in London.

Michael regularly advises capital markets clients and public organisations, including the RBA and the People’s Bank of China. He is a renowned equities and forex expert in both countries and is experienced in taking any company public, especially in Australia.

Nathan Chadwick (Sydney):

Nathan Chadwick

Career investment banker, Nathan was the founding MD of RBS’ MEA (Middle-East & Africa) operations and founded their Dubai office. Prior to this he was a MD in the RBS London office, AD at ABN Amro, and before that Credit Suisse. Nathan has helped many PE-backed companies become public in his career and now spends his days as private-equity investor and advisor based in Sydney.

Christian Oey (Melbourne):

Serial entrepreneur;  Founder and CEO Nobankruptcy.com.au ($0 – $1.5m revenue within 18 months of inception); Co-Founder and CEO Storytellr.tv; Founder/MD Cornerstone Venture Capital; Founder/MD PaperCup Media (acquired) – high value exit 12months from inception; Founder/MD Ocorp Media ($0 – $5m revenue within 2 years).

Rob Jones (Sydney):

Rob Jones_portrait

Experienced ESVCLP fund manager and career auditor and accounting principal, Rob was the ex-manager at BGS Capital and the ACTIP Clean-Energy fund – both approved ESVCLP funds. Rob will be overseeing our fund’s operational and compliance aspects. As a seasoned COMET and R&D advisor, Rob is also experienced in helping countless companies raising funds from public and private channels and he hails from Andersen and PwC earlier in his career.

Fran Malta (Sydney):

Veteran hedge funds and private equity expert across London, Geneva and Sydney.

Founder / MD at VM Capital and VM Industries, Fran has worked with some of the largest hedge funds in the world and as a result is extremely familiar with the international capital-raising environment. He also happens to be fluent in 5 languages.

Lastly, the visionary behind the fund…

Victor Jiang (Sydney | Silicon Valley):

VJ_AFR photo_square

Victor is a serial entrepreneur, having started his first company at age 23 (less than 2 years out of uni) and quadrupled his income that year. He then took his consulting business from Australia to across Europe and eventually ended up in IBM, following an acquisition.

At IBM in London he ran its data-management business for the investment banking and capital markets sector ((the second largest IBM BU for this line of business) , and led it to achieve 410% of revenue target in 2008 – despite the onset of the GFC (and the largest client being Lehman Bros).

In 2009, while market conditions worsened, Victor led the business to achieve 100% of annual target in 3 quarters. Returning to Australia in 2010, he ran business development for IBM Australia’s Analytics Consulting division and led its 200% growth in revenue and headcount within 12 months, while the rest of the market is shrinking.

Founding Skillsapien in Sydney in 2012, Victor has spent more than half of his time in Silicon Valley, having secured a round of seed funding in 2014 from US and Australian investors; and led its growth to be able to count the NSW State Govt as among its clients.

Victor grew up in Sydney, is fluent in English and Mandarin, and very active in the Sino-Australian business community across China, Australia and the USA, serving as Director of Commercial Outreach in the Ausinan Science & Technology Society, Sydney Chinese Business Owners Society; and many other business & technology communities throughout Australia, China and USA.

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