June 10, 2015


Our Vision


Software is eating up the world

– Marc Andreessen
(Founder of Netscape; founding partner of AndreessenHorowitz)

World-Change through zipper


We are passionate about disruptive innovation.

We believe there is no better time to be living, in the history of human existence.

We believe some of the greatest social challenges today can be resolved through entrepreneurship.

We love supporting entrepreneurs who are not afraid to dream big despite meagre resources or humble beginnings.

We like hearing practical solutions that are grounded in passion and that solves real-world problems.

We don’t believe the next economic boom in Australia will (or should) involve things dug out of the ground.

We believe Big Things can happen from small places.

We believe NOW is the perfect time to take action.

Lightbulb - held above head

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, corporate veterans, seasoned investment bankers and capital markets experts.

All of us have started and ran multiple businesses. Some of these have became billion-dollar enterprises.

We believe there exists an unique opportunity – right now, to capitalise on the increasing capital inflows coming into Australia and turn them into productive forces for creating jobs and innovation.

This is a once-in-a-generational opportunity. If we miss this window, we will become a second-world producer of commodity goods, as opposed to a first-world dynamic economy that thrives on innovation and world-beating scalable digital businesses.


We are a technology-focused early-stage venture capital fund.

We are ESVCLP* compliant, which means any investment profits we make on behalf of our limited partners, are TOTALLY TAX FREE. Even if they are not domiciled in Australia.

(* Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership, per AusIndustry)

We are based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Sydney.



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