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Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur, investor and founding Venture Partner at Sapien Ventures. He has first hand experience in various sectors from eCommerce, F&B to QSR where he started business ventures from scratch and built into multiple branches before exiting. Daniel had been an angel investor before he got introduced into the wonderful world of venture capital and joined Sapien Ventures. During the blockchain boom in 2016-2018 he was actively involved in a number of projects from eWallet to Blockchain powered Social Impact Project marketplace and alternative credit scoring solution for students and unbanked.

Daniel's passion is to help founders build their dreams and manage their operation with excellence because he knows all too well that entrepreneurs need not just capital support. He completed his education in one of the top private schools in Indonesia and held bachelor degrees in Australia has put Daniel in a unique position to capitalize the Oceania & Indo- China opportunities through the network which he has built over the years.

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