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Venture Partner (IPO and M&A)

Ken Cao is a valued Partner at Sapien Ventures who focuses on M&A and capital deals between China and Australia.

Ken has been in investment and trade roles in public and private sectors that assist Chinese investors to expand business and invest globally for more than 20 years.

Ken was previously the founding committee member that lead to more than 100 Chinese background companies starting the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia (CCCA) and was the Secretary-General of for its initial three years.

Ken has worked in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Beijing and Shanghai to help hundreds of Chinese companies to ‘go global’.

His experience has included successfully managing PE funds and investment projects throughout Australia and China and invested in industries of Agriculture, Property and IPO projects. Ken used to be invited as the lecturer by MOFCOM and local provincial government in China for the training of international investment courses to governmental officials.

Ken also published hundreds of market reports and articles in China to introduce Australia and New Zealand business and economics. Ken is the key writer of the official Chinese edition of “Australian Annual Market Report”. Ken is also a Director of sevral Australian and Chinese companies, including the Director of a Chinese top 500 in Australia. Ken holds the master degree from the Australian business school – MGSM of Macquarie University (Australia).

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