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Founder, Managing Partner

Victor Jiang is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the cofounder of Sapien Ventures, Sapien Asset Management and Sun Ocean Capital. Sapien Ventures is a specialised VC with presences across Silicon Valley, Australia and China and a deep focus on fintech, blockchain and online  marketplace ventures.

Victor has lived and worked across 12 countries, including 3 years in Silicon Valley. Companies he has worked with range from the Global Fortune 50 to countless startups. Victor currently sits on 8 technology company boards across US / AU / China, including 4 of them as Chairman.

Some of his more well known investments include Airtasker (which listed on the ASX in March 2021 at 200-300% its listing price and over 660% since first investment in 2016); Hashching (which acquired Mystro just in April and has helped over 60,000 borrowers and over 2500 mortgage brokers originate over $26bn in loans); as well as multi-award-winning blockchain companies such as CivicLedger, UCOT, Linqto; etc.

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